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Op 2 oktober 1948 werd het Silverstone circuit voor het eerst sinds de tweede wereldoorlog in gebruik genomen. Er was twintig jaar over gegaan eer de Royal Automobile Club nog eens een Grand Prix organiseerde. Het was een rush omdat pas in juli van 1948 de gesprekken begonnen om het luchtveld om te dopen in een circuit.  De dominante Alfa Romea's bleven op het laatste moment weg. Men verwachtte daarom wel een boeiende race tussen de twaalf cylinder sterke Ferrari's en de Maserati's (gepiloteerd door Villoresi, Brooke en Parnell...).

Hier volgt het authentieke relaas (mét uitslagen) van de eerste koers op het Silverstone Cicuit.   

..."History was made at home by the return of the Royal Automobile Club to the ranks of Grand Prix organizing clubs and the introduction into the racing almanac of a new name—Silverstone— around which the beginnings of great tradition are already discernible. A vast crowd, never perhaps to be accurately computed, invaded the South Midlands circuit on October 2—and came away convinced that, if we can’ t have real road racing (and apparently we can’t, despite continued efforts to secure the release of Donington Park), first-class airfield racing can be a highly acceptable next-best. As was to be expected, the Scuderia Ambrosiana Maseratis of Villoresi and Ascari, both brilliantly driven, proved too much for a British opposition corn pounded mainly of pre-’war E.RA.s and later Maseratis lacking quite the edge” of the visiting stars’ machines, and no one begrudged this pair their one-two placing. On the other hand, by finishing third on his B/C-type E.R.A. only 2 min 3 sec behind the winner, Bob Gerard again showed what wonders can be worked by an impeccably prepared veteran car, driven with fine precision and backed by painstaking pit organization.

Gerard’s Silverstone showing, taken together with his victory in the Junior Car Club’s Jersey International Road Race, easily qualified him for the Un- official and somewhat unwieldy title of the most successful British driver in 1948 British circuit racing"...


R.A.C. Grand Prix, Silverstone Circuit (238,5 miles 3,67-mile lap)
1st Maserati Villoresi 72.28 mph
2nd Maserati Ascari 72.19 mph
3rd E.R.A.  Gerard 71.54 mph



(The Autocar, December 31, 1948)

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